The Hogar Inmaculado Corazon de Maria is a private orphanage about an hour’s drive outside of San Salvador.A�Each time we travel toA�El Salvador we always spend time at the orphanage with the children.A�The orphanageA�is run by a small group of Carmelite nuns and are fundedA�entirely by donations. Some of the childrenA�at the Hogar are orphans in that they have no parents, some have been abandoned by one or both parents, some have been placed there by the authorities, and some have parents who simply cannot afford to care for them. A�The children in care at the Hogar recieve basic meals, used clothing and an education.A� The poverty they suffer is the poverty of another kind – they are poor in love and affection.A� Any of the children on this page are available for sponsorship.A� Sponsors receive a photo of their child,A� as well as correspondence from them three time per year. A�A donation of $300US/year (or three installments of $100 each) provides for their material needs beyond what the Sisters canA�provide forA�them, like school supplies and shoes, shampoo, new socks and underwear. What’s more, sponsorship tells these children that someone cares for them, hasn’t forgotten them, and shares in solidarity with theirA�special kind of poverty.

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